What should I do if I receive a chargeback?

When you receive a chargeback, you should review the information contained in the notification email carefully, particularly the chargeback type. You may be given the option to contest or concede the chargeback. If you concur with the cardholder and agree to accept responsibility for the chargeback, click “Concede.” In this scenario, the funds will not be returned to your WePay account.

If, however, you wish to contest the chargeback, you will need to provide some sort of supporting evidence that the good or service that you agreed to provide to the payer was carried out as intended.

Please consult this page to see what documents you will need to submit.

From the day that you receive your first chargeback notification, you will have 5 business days to submit your evidence. This window ensures that WePay has sufficient time to represent the evidence to the cardholder’s bank and/or card network within their allocated timeframes. Late submissions of evidence will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and submitted accordingly.

Once you have gathered all of the documents, you can click the “Contest” button and upload your documents. Please keep in mind that there are size limitations on files, so you may want to submit screenshots if necessary. For instance, if you would like to submit your refund policy but the file size is too large, you can take a screenshot of the page with the cardholder’s signature.

Once WePay receives your response and any supporting evidence, we will contest the chargeback with the cardholder’s bank on your behalf. There may be a $15 non-refundable fee for contesting the chargeback; this will be withdrawn from your merchant account, or your bank account if the funds are not available in your merchant account. If you win the chargeback, WePay will immediately send you a notification and release the disputed funds back to your account. Due to timelines for card networks and issuing banks, the chargeback can take up to 45 days to be resolved.

You can view the current status of a chargeback at any time through your merchant portal, and will receive an email from us when the chargeback is resolved. 

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