How do I reduce my chances of getting a chargeback?

Please try to follow these best practices in order to reduce the likelihood of receiving a chargeback:

Deliver excellent service

Pride yourself on running on a business that prioritizes quality and customer experience. Since Furthermore, as refunds are less of hassle to deal with than chargebacks, we recommend highlighting ways a customer can contact you if they are unsatisfied with the product or service they received. Include your support team’s email address or 800 number, and make your refund policy is simple and transparent. This will help ensure that customers choose the option that is less time-consuming and expensive. Another best practice is to consistently provide a summary of services, which is signed by the customer.

Ensure you have a streamlined shipping process in place

It is important to always set appropriate expectations with your customers as to when they can expect full service or delivery. We also suggest keeping tracking numbers on all items that are shipped out so that you have this information as evidence that the good/service was delivered as promised. 

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