Tax Identification Number (TIN) verification

Why do I need to do this?

Chase Integrated Payments is federally required to collect and verify certain information about our customers.

If you've received an email that says we were unable to verify your tax identification number, you should update your account information using the link in the email.


How can I ensure Chase Integrated Payments is able to verify my account information?

Please double-check that you entered your tax identification number correctly. Even a small typo may prevent us from verifying your information.

If you're using your social security number (SSN), please make sure you enter your full legal name. This should match the information you provide to file your taxes.

If you're using your Employer Identification Number (EIN), please double-check that you've entered the legal name you provided the IRS when registering your business. You can find your EIN and business name on any official tax paperwork from the IRS, including the documents you used to register your business.

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